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In which neighborhood to sleep during your weekend in Budapest?

Hello dear traveler !

Today we are going to talk about accommodation in Budapest.

Where to sleep when you go on weekends is a fundamental question. A question around which our entire weekend will revolve.

When planning a weekend in an unknown city, you do not know the boundaries of the city center or where the various points of interest are located. The objective is therefore to get information so as not to book accommodation too far from all the must-see.

To make your task easier, below is a map of the city of Budapest with the main points of interest as well as the neighborhoods I recommend for your weekend.

As you can see, the main points of interest in the city of Budapest are quite close to each other.

The blue circle represents the 7th district of Budapest. It is better known under the name of Erzsébetváros (derived from the name of Sissi in Hungarian) or the "Jewish quarter" of Budapest.

This district represents the hyper-center of the city Budapest.

The name "Jewish quarter" is quite recent (2000s). It bears this name because it was in this district that the Jews were gathered during the Second World War. At that time, the Jewish community represented 5% of the Hungarian population.

In recent years, this area has become the trendy place to party in Budapest. It mixes hypster cafes, trendy bars, ruin bars, restaurants of all kinds ...

If you're coming to Budapest to party, this is definitely the place to stay. However, if you like to sleep and party, be sure to get quiet accommodation in this neighborhood. Indeed, some streets like Kiraly utca street are extremely noisy day and night.

If you do not want to be far from the Jewish quarter but want to sleep in peace, prefer accommodation in the red square. This district represents the 5th district of Budapest. It is much more residential and more chic than the 7th arrondissement.

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See you soon.

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